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Hi Claudio and Fabiola, can you introduce Frontier to our readers?

Frontier – The line of style is a project promoted by the City of Bologna to enhance the two disciplines of Writing and Street Art through a deep reflection about these two forms, internationally recognized as some of the most interesting expressions into the contemporary art world.

FRONTIER has been structured as an open and evolving platform based on two complementary phases: the fist phase is focused on the demonstration of the artistic value of Street Art and Writing, displayed by the creation of 13 monumental walls; the second one is based on a theoretical and critical examination of the two disciplines.

The artists, selected for their innovative styles and fundamental contribution to the development of the two movements, have been protagonists of the art scene from the Seventies to nowadays: Phase II is between the founders of the movement; Daim, Joys and Dado are great figures for what it concerns the “3d explosion”; Honet, Does, Hitnes and Eron excel in the use of colour and the mastery of the composition; M-City, Andreco and Cuoghi Corsello, through their simple figuration, are able to express clear and strong messages. Frontier will end in January 2013 with a critical and historical reflection: an international symposium will be hosted at MAMBO (the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna)…

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